Circa 1990











Everyone seems to be doing “Throw Back” Thursday. I thought I’d add a picture, just for fun.

This is a picture of me, circa 1990. I was a fresh faced young adult. I had just turned twenty-two, the month before this picture was taken.

A new college graduate.

Everything in front of me.


I would land my first “real” job in a mere two months from the time of this picture.

My adult life was just unfurling… I was new and green.

I thought I had it all together.

But, I had no real idea. Sigh, no idea…

The road ahead would lead me to some of the best times of my life and some of the most tragic.

Isn’t that how life is?

A constant mystery. Choices and decisions lead to other choices and decisions.

They knit together a life.

I look at this young woman in the picture

It seems a million years ago, and yet I remember it like yesterday…….

and I smile.