Americana At Its Finest

I love going to the fair. Sure, it smells of animals and greasy fair food, but I do so enjoy it.

Last night we found ourselves at the Hardin County fair, here in rural Ohio.

The Friday night air of early September, was crisp, even a tad bit chilly.

It definitely felt like Fall is just around the corner…waiting just a few more weeks before bursting on the scene with all its fiery glory.

My husband and I spent time at our church’s booth, meeting and greeting people, sharing bubble gum, balloons, and Jesus.

The kids walked around the fairgrounds for a couple of hours, amidst the blinking lights, animal barns, and food booths.

We all agreed that if it can be deep fried and on a stick, people will eat it at the fair.

Americana at it’s finest.
































One thought on “Americana At Its Finest

  1. I love the fair. To be fair, it is often difficult for city folks in places like Metro Atlanta to pull off a “fair” that captures the smells and activities of a real county fair. And the food . . .they don’t have a clue. We have lots of folks who grow vegetables around here. But most of them truck them in and sell them in farmer’s market type setups in city squares. Not exactly county fair ambiance. Oh, they sell cotton candy and funnel cakes. But I have yet to sample real Polish sausage and onions in a booth at the fair, or eat those signature pancakes from a Kiwanis chapter or Rotary club. I don’t recall any booths selling quilts or canned tomatoes or pickles. So goes country life in the city. Thanks for taking me home again. I consider this post a fall piece. Let the Ohio autumn come, my friend. I’m waiting with baited breath. God bless you, my dear friend.

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