A Morning In The Country

The early morning air felt good on the skin. The summer heat had not yet made it’s way to the property just outside of town. The dew glistened on the blades of grass, sparkling like a million diamonds. She took it all in, knowing that in seconds, the diamonds would disappear and she would be left with only the memory of their sparkle.















Her bare feet padded softly across the deck, brushed more than once by the fur of the kittens that had come to the house. The kittens had come into this world in a barn on the property, as their mama had chosen this family to be caretakers of her small mob. The morning was quiet, so quiet, that the woman could hear the neighbor over the hill, and completely out of sight, open his car door and slam it shut. The sound pierced the early  morning like a shot. His car motor roared to life and then he was gone. She noticed the corn and how tall it had gotten, and noted how much time would be left until she would see her neighbors in their farm equipment, harvesting their hard work. She felt a wet nose push against her hand and turned to look into the big brown eyes of the collie. He said good morning with a lick.















The grass was growing high in the back field. This morning even the weeds looked beautiful, as the Queen Anne’s Lace raised up to gather the sun. The quiet was clipped with the sound of the two roosters battling it out for who would have the morning wake up call. She smiled. The sound of the roosters sounded like country to her.














She slid into her boots and headed to the barn where the horse watched her approach. The soft thud of hooves could be heard as the two saw who could get over to the feed trough first. The woman was greeted with an eager face, looking for an apple treat. The woman knows she spoils her. Her hand was covered in horse drool as the treat quickly disappeared. There are worse things in life.















Sunshine was now pooling on the ground leaving spots of flaming gold as her gaze fell across the neighbor’s llama field. The red, worn barn in the back corner, looked like something straight out of a Norman Rockwell picture. She sighed.














For all the things of this world, all the places she had been, things she had seen…there was never the same contentment as she felt here.

Now.  At this moment.


“A heart at peace gives life to the body…” Proverbs 14:30  NIV