Thoughts Weigh Heavy









I have something on my mind. Thoughts weighing heavy…

All kinds of emotions intersect those thoughts.

Don’t we all have times like these in our lives?

The things life presents don’t always feel like a present.

Wondering what direction to take.

Not sure how the situation will work itself out…

or when

or if it will work itself out.

Waiting to see…and it is not easy.

It never is, is it? The waiting…I mean.

And so, I struggle.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts Weigh Heavy

  1. I want to come along side you and pray for you and with you, my friend. Let me encourage you as you have encouraged me so many times with your beautiful pictures of God’s awesome creation all around you. If it’s not storming there now, why not pick up your camera and walk out in your yard and just aim your lens at the bright blue sky. If it’s overcast or raining, remember, behind all those clouds or nasty weather you may be having now shines our bright, beautiful sun. Regardless of all the bad weather or clouds or storms in the sky, behind it all, always bright, always shining, is our Son. God bless you. Know that I am walking beside you and praying.

  2. Dawn, I hope and pray that whatever is weighing on you will be resolved. Hang in there and know that as Steve wrote, you have friends walking in prayer with you.

    Love ya my friend! Patti

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