In The Country

Enjoying Springtime in the country……








I love the sky here. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.








America, the beautiful.
















Dandelions are happy little pieces of sunshine. I can’t hate them, even though they are weeds.








Flowers in the field








Horses grazing in the pasture on an Amish farm. This is a common sight.








Our neighbor… I enjoy looking across the field, at the barns. It says “country” to me.







3 thoughts on “In The Country

  1. I can NOT take a sabbatical from It Just Dawned On Me. Not when you’re sharing pics like these I love so much. Keep those cards and letters comin’ girl, please. Your Georgia/Iowa Country Boy blogging buddy.

    1. Steven, You have inspired me to take a bunch of pictures…and to put new ones in my blog each week:) I wish I could have gotten a good picture of tonight’s large, orange moon. I ran outside to snap a picture and the picture does not do it justice. The moonlight was reflecting on the “seasonal” lake, which is really just a low place in the field, and it looked so beautiful. Breath taking really……

      1. I’ll be watching. I’m grateful for you. Can’t wait to see what photo greats you share with me this summer. I loved summer in Iowa. I worked in cornfields detassling corn in junior high and high school. I didn’t like fall, though. My allergies always act up in the fall. Not the spring, but the fall.

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