The List Goes On……..

The morning sunlight streams golden across the deck planking.

Dark morning clouds move slowly, leftover from the night sky.102_2365

Geese honk a noisy hello as they gather at the pond.

I take in the panorama of the new day.

Three months ago I was welcoming in the new year. Winter, cold and barren.

Three months from now I will be sweltering in the heat of a mid summer day.

The days, they blur together. Time blurs.

Moments like vibrant digital displays, whirl past me. Memories, painted colorful and real.

These days, they leave me longing for more.

More time. More moments.

More joy.


Today I am thankful for:

* sun splashes on the deck

* well worn path to the barn

* chirping chicks

* soft dog fur

* sweet tea in a purple glass

* school work completed, early!

* looking forward to the trip to Costa Rica

* a good hair day:)

* a shoulder massage from my daughter

* taking time to watch Psych with the kids

* safe travels

* pictures of sunflowers

* smiles

*anticipation of new life

* my Redeemer lives!