As the morning sun poured through the living room window, I noticed that I need to dust. Again.

English: Rays of Sunshine The Sun rays burstin...

Why is it that it is so much easier to see the dust and dirt of this life?

I make a concerted effort to look past the dust, to enjoy the warm sun pooling on that same table.

The way the light shifts and changes… I feel myself smiling as I gaze around the room.

Another patch of light cascades through the cut glass in the front door, causing a rainbow of color to splash on the entry way wall.

Thankfulness beams its way into the house, this winter morning.


Today I am thankful for:

* sunshine

* reminders

* another week ahead

* a cozy bed

* an extra few minutes of rest

* things to do

* warm smell of coffee

* fingers that can type without pain

* wet dog noses

* packed school lunches

* a trip to the post office

* listening to the radio

All simple things, really. Most of the time, it is the simple things in life that are the most comforting.

And I am thankful.

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