Give Them A Hand

English: Female hands.

I was looking at my hands today. Have you ever really looked at your hands? Yes, I know, most of us have the ten fingers (Okay, fine. Eight fingers and two thumbs!), knuckles, palms. Fairly typical. My hands have rings that symbolize my commitment. Scars from the time a student bit me. (my stint working with children with emotional/behavioral issues) In the past year I’ve acquired an age spot. I still can’t believe that, and don’t want to dwell on it. I keep my nails short and they are usually not polished. The skin on my hands tends to get dry, so I’m all the time applying hand lotion. All in all, if you were to look at my hands, you’d probably think, “normal”.

Hands. Incredibly normal, but absolutely incredible, nonetheless. My hands help me brush my hair and apply makeup. My hands make breakfast, type on the computer, bake cookies, drive a car, touch a loved ones face, clap, tap, and snap. My fingers give the okay sign and a thumbs up. My hands give a pat on the back, wipe tears, scratch a back. My hands brush hair out of eyes, and tickle. My hands have held babies and held others hands. My hands have written love letters, and thank you notes, and poetry. I’ve taken notes, and pointed at the blackboard, and prayed.

So, many “normal” things I take for granted. Today, I am thankful for these hands of mine. Simple things, really….but, stopping to appreciate them, well, it’s given me a new and different perspective.


Today I am thankful for:

* the simple things I tend to take for granted

* hands that do so much

* good health

* a relaxing weekend (sleeping in)

* snowy, winter days

* cold temperatures (I am enjoying winter)

* songs that make my heart sing (singing loudly in the kitchen)

* funny jokes (that only I get)

* a clean house (it makes me feel happy inside)

* a new magazine (beautiful pictures)

* devotions that speak to me (yes, Lord!)

* The Father, Son and Holy Spirit


One thought on “Give Them A Hand

  1. Hi, Dawn. I like what you wrote about. I recently had knee surgery and had to use crutches to get around for awhile. It was such a hassle and everything took twice as long to accomplish. One thing it brought to my mind was how grateful I am to have 2 healthy legs again to get around and that we should never take so much of what we have for granted! Love your gratitude list, too!
    In His Lo♥e, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

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