Brief Quiet Glimpes


Gratitude (Photo credit: ally213)







Sometimes, it really is the little things that matter. Oh sure, the big, huge blessings are wonderful and I am grateful for them, but I’m talking about the little day to day things that, in reality, make a huge difference. After all, it is those little things that keep each of us going. The special moments in the daily grind, that make us smile and give us hope, to carry on.

No fanfare.

No hoopla.

No fireworks.

Just the small, quiet, brief glimpses of who God really is…

Father, today I come to You, thanking you for all the little things. Forgive me that I take so many of Your blessings for granted.  Each day is a precious gift. I’m sorry that I am so cavalier with the time that You have given me.

* a soft pillow to put my head on * hot water * electricity * emails * hands that can pet the dogs and hold a leash without pain * good health* smiling faces * making a positive difference in children’s lives * cold winter air and frozen ground * chickens that lay eggs * pets * cards in the mail * a husband to change a flat tire * time spent together

*Thank you for my stubbly faced boy-man, that has grown up so quickly * Thank you for the opportunity to be a mom. I know many who don’t have that privilege. * Thank you for emails from friends. Sometimes the emails are silly and they make me laugh. Other times, I lean on their strength. I’m so fortunate to have good friends. * Thank you for family. I love my family members. The family I grew up with, the family through marriage, and my family in Christ. * Thank you for the beauty of the country. I am still deeply moved by the beautiful sunrises, and gray snowy days. The loud honking of geese, and farm fields that stretch for miles. *Thank you for this life.  I realize that my life might never have turned out this way, had I not had to walk the dark valley to get here. May I never forget that. I try to always be aware that it might never have been. * Thank you, Lord , for Your love for me. A deep love, an all consuming love, a sacrificial love. When we were yet strangers, You saved me. If You chose to bless me with nothing else in this world, but that, that would be enough. And yet, You, through Your love, give me so much more.