My Answer Is Yes!

Yes 4G Eclipse 9

“What is your one word for 2013?”

The question was posed. I have been thinking on the answer…many words come to my mind. Great words. Deep words. Interesting words.

But, not the word for me, for this year.

Then, yesterday, it happened. The word came to me. It hit me like the proverbially ton of bricks.

It is a simple word. Easy to understand, really. The word is…


I said, “yes” to Christ decades ago, but had I been living the yes? I proclaimed with my lips that Jesus was enough, that He alone was all that I needed, but did I live those words? Were they real to me? Sadly, I had to answer “no”, at least not like they should be. My heart broke at the realization. I want it to be true for me all the time. I want my yes to ring clear, in all situations.

I know that Jesus really is enough for me, for you, for the world. He proved it, once and for all.

Yes, it is difficult to remember that, when the diagnosis has been made, the job has been lost, the child is hurt, or the relationship is failing. The yes, comes hard. At times I’ve wanted to run the opposite direction. I’ve chosen the easy. Cried the frustration.

But, I want my answer to be, yes! Yes, to the One who is enough.

Yes, to all He is.

So, my word for 2013 is, yes! Faith walks hand in hand with that yes. When the days are long, or when the days are all too short. In good times, and yes, in the difficult times, because really if my answer, my word, is yes…it has to be yes all the time.