Stay With Me

The Gypsy Mama

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Time flows like white water rapids….fast, churning, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes terrifying. Never slowing down–never staying the same.

Oh, how I wish it would stay. I wish I could just blink my eyes and time would stand still.

amber sunrise

amber sunrise (Photo credit: harold.lloyd)

Stay with me, feelings of first love.

Stay with me, little boy with the dimpled hands, and toothless smile.

Stay with me, storybook time and sweet hugs.

Stay with me, birthday party surprise and friend’s smiling faces.

Stay with me, travels to places near and far.

Stay with me, parent that is now aging.

Stay with me, priceless memories.

Stay with me, young woman that said, “I do”.

Stay with me….




2 thoughts on “Stay With Me

  1. I missed 5 minute Fridays today. I was completing my application to be a substitute teacher in our county. I was sweating that. I would have been hard pressed to write about “stay” but I enjoyed reading this. As always, great post.

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