Little White Church










I’ve taken pictures of this country church several times before. It is very picturesque, and captures my love of simple beauty.

While looking at this church I think of all the people that have worshiped there. How many people have sang hymns to the Heavenly Father in this holy place? How many prayers were uttered to The One who always hears? How many marriages were celebrated? How many tears shed for the ones that have gone on?

I think a lot about history. I wonder about these things through the eye of my camera.

Oh, the stories to tell…..



One thought on “Little White Church

  1. Wouldn’t you love to go back to church in the days when the church was the focal point in the community? My home church in Iowa was like that. It wasn’t little. And it was not white. But it was a focal point in our community. Remind me to tell you the one about when David Stinnett shot off a cap pistol right in the middle of the service. I was sitting next to me and my mom thought I did it. That’s one of those stories I could tell you over the fence for coffee some time. God bless and thank you so much for showing us God through your camera lenses.

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