How Deep, How Wide?

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This week I had been measuring.  Getting a new cabinet, well not new, but new to me, cabinet from  a friend. I was checking to see if it would fit on one of the walls in our living room. How high is it? How wide is it? How deep is it?  Width is an important factor.

Isn’t it, always?

My niece stretched out her arms as wide as she could….. ” I love you this much”

The children’s song echoes in my mind….”Deep and wide, deep and wide….there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.”

“Open up wide!”  I’d say to my infant son when I played food “games” with him. Stuff like here comes the choo-choo train or airplane or whatever else I could think of to get the food in his little mouth:)

Wide does matter.

How deep, how wide, is my love?

English: Twinkle Twinkle little star (English)...



One thought on “How Deep, How Wide?

  1. Arms stretched, “This much”… those little words in addition to that simple action express so much! Today I’m telling me kids, “I love you” in this way. They will probably roll their eyes at me. 🙂

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