Moments Are Numbered

Time really is like a river.

English: "Rice" is a duckling I live...

Some days are peaceful and placid.

Other days the river is white capped and wild.

This week I realized that life is changing…

time flows quickly, and it will never be the same.

My children are almost grown.

More adult than child.

High school, college.

Jobs, sports and schedules.

There is no going back, only the letting go.

My heart wants to hold on, even though I know…

it is in the releasing, that growth occurs.

It’s interesting  how each moment with them seems more poignant

when I know that those moments are numbered.



2 thoughts on “Moments Are Numbered

  1. I so understand. I just married off my oldest daughter two months ago. Oldest son will graduate at the end of the next quarter, and will be off to Kansas City for an internship. I have a 12 yo who acts more like she’s 25, and a precious 9yo boy, who is just coming into His own. I want to stop time. They grow too fast!

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