It Makes Me Realize…

Northern Michigan deep woods sunset

Northern Michigan deep woods sunset (Photo credit: kretyen)

The morning light is weak this day. The sun is hidden behind the gray. Even though there are summer temperatures outside, the view from my kitchen window reminds me that Autumn is not far off. Hard to believe really. Time goes so quickly, doesn’t it? Days can seem long, but the weeks are gone before I know it. It makes me realize once again, how important the moments truly are.

The happy moments.

The hard moments.

The shy smiles and the hearty, deep bellied, laughs.

The shared memory and those memories yet to be made.

The friendship, the relationship, the ones that make the days easier.

Family…bound by love…through it all.


This day I am thankful for:

* soft flickering candlelight

* a morning kiss

* rumpled bedcovers

* the jingle of dog collars

* walking the dog

* roosters crowing

* sky tinted gray

* my young sons being able to work, and to enjoy it

* quiet Mondays

* Vacation Bible School

* spilled dog food

* extra loads of laundry

* watching a show with my daughter

* a clean house

* clean bill of health

* sharing

* loving

* knowing that I am loved….completely

Psalm 34:1  I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.




2 thoughts on “It Makes Me Realize…

  1. I seems I keep trying to remind myself of the same thing, the days go quickly, and soon fall will be here. Try to embrace and cherish the moment, even during the hard times there is still good! 🙂

  2. I agree completely with you and this post I wake each day thankful to have another and at the end of the day saying thanks for all I have
    Love knowing there are others who feel alive through each and every day THANKS

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