Ten Ways To Stay Cool










This week is has been HOT. I don’t do hot very well…as a matter of fact I’m melting faster than the wicked witch of the west.

On that note, I am taking a few moments to list 10 ways to stay cool when the thermometer is reading 100+.

1. Take a small towel, soak it in water and put it in the freezer. After it has frozen wrap it around your neck. If your neck is cooler, you feel cooler…..even if you technically are NOT.

2. Get an old fashioned fan, you know, the ones with the blades…..sit in front of it and don’t move. Like all day. Well, except to go to the bathroom. Then run back to the fan.

3. Eat ice cream. Flavor does not matter. Eat it and don’t feel guilty at all. It is helping you to not have a heat stroke, therefore it is healthy.

4. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, use it. You also might want to get yourself a frosty cold drink to sip poolside. Invite less fortunate friends over to take a dip. They will owe you for keeping them from a heat related episode. You are a good friend.

5. Walk around with a spritzer bottle of ice water. Periodically, mist yourself. Mist family members. Friends. Mist the dog and cat. It’s all about staying cool.

6. Slurp an icy drink, fast. TRY HARD to get brain freeze.

7. If you have air conditioning in your house, in your car….thank the Lord that you live in this time period, and were not born in pioneer times when air conditioning meant walking into the ice house.

8. Sit down and watch White Christmas, or Frosty The Snowman…or some other holiday movie that has snow in it. Think about snow. Mind over matter.

9. Wear as few clothes as is legally (and morally) possible.  Don’t scare the neighbors. Although, come to think of it, they might be doing the same thing.

10. Think cold thoughts….and remember Autumn with its cooler temperatures will be here in less than three months!