God’s Country

Autumn Landscape of Door County, Wisconsin

I was given the book years ago. I think it was a yard sale find. The book currently sits on my shelf, where I will  pull it out and soak in the vibrant landscapes of “God‘s Country”.  That is the title of the picture book.

The pictures are of the Blue Ridge mountains, Holmes County, Ohio, Door County, Wisconsin, The Ozarks, Mississippi, rural Idaho, the canyons of the southwest, and the panoramic views of the Pacific northwest. Each of these places has much to offer the eyes and each has vibrant colors and texture to appreciate.

God’s Country.

I’ve had opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful places in the United States…and those places I haven’t been to yet, well, I enjoy the pictures.

Every time I see the pictures, I am reminded. Reminded that these pictures are just images of the real thing. The pictures prove that the beauty exists.

A couple of evenings ago I was outside walking around the property. I came around the corner of the house and there it was, laid out before me. The sky infused with pinks and purples. The trees on the horizon were silhouetted by the last of the evening light.  Breath taking, really.

The thought I had at that moment, “If God creates so much beauty here and now……what must Heaven be like?”  If He does this for me now, allows me to soak in the beauty of His creations, gives  me this picture…….. this place that I live now is gorgeous, no doubt about it. Nature cries out at the glory of its Creator….but, oh  how I can’t wait to see Heaven.

What I have now is just a dull image of what is to come.


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