Life May Be Many Things…

Life may be many things… but, it is never boring.

This week I survived the flu and according to my continuing cough am still surviving the flu, thanks to a friend,was able to buy some much needed saddles at a local sale and make a new “horse” friend too, going to a bridal shower for a sweet friend who is young and in love, a graduation party for another friend who has the road wide open before her, and end my day by watching the premiere of Junk Gypsies on HGTV tonight!  The sister team of Amie and Jolie are my funky, junk soul sisters. I’m so excited that they have their own show, now!

I also cried my eyes out yesterday…when I went out to the new chicken coop and found that our dogs had made a snack out of several of my PET chickens. I do not want to hear that they were just chickens. I also don’t want to hear that this is the way farm life is. They were my pets….and they were killed. And it hurt me. And I was sad. End of story.

My part of rural Ohio is gray and foggy this Saturday morning. Maybe the sun will eventually come out…or maybe not. Either way, I’ve got cookies to bake and gifts to wrap…so, I better get at it.
























































2 thoughts on “Life May Be Many Things…

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your chickens, Dawn. I have two friends who have chickens and believe me, they are not “just chickens.”

    I hope you feel better – all around!

  2. thank you so much for promoting our show! and so sorry about your chickens! we would be devastated as well. we love our chickens. although i did have to kick them outta my old brand new patio chairs yesterday. 🙂 talk about fresh eggs at your door step! 🙂 much love. . . amie sikes (junk gypsy)

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