Being Still

I think I might go outside for a walk this afternoon, around the yard and down the dusty road, finding the quiet place…where I can slow down.

I crave quiet. The chance to think. An opportunity to evaluate.      

Are you anything like me? This world we live in, pulls at me. I am tugged by the minutes and hours. Chores to do, lessons to check, a blog to write, mail to read, a house to clean, a family life to participate in, problems to solve. The days start early and end late….and I get tired. So very tired and… soul weary.

How many times do I attempt to squeeze in my thanks, my prayer, my walk with God. The One who deserves my time most, and yet I find myself rushing through the day…out of breath, out of sorts, and out of relationship.

Being still is in order.

Slowing down with purpose.

Seeing my life for what it really is… not a sprint, where I am constantly out of breath and out of my mind. It should be, needs to be, more of a leisurely stroll,  stopping to appreciate all there is…

because of all HE is.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
   I will be exalted among the nations,
   I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10  NIV


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7 thoughts on “Being Still

  1. yes, for years I climbed ladders of career, being a single mom to survival of the fittest. The craving for time alone has become my career now. Praying to God for 4 years to allow me to stay at home finally came true in 2006. I now have a home business, family needs with aging parents and much to do at home. More than that I have my time with God without the rush.

  2. Confirmation! The Lord has been dealing with me on that verse of scripture all this week! Seems like that’s all I’ve been hearing and all I’ve been reading about, “Being Still”. Love your perspective and this post was well written!

    I thank God for you and thank you for the Love (Congratulations to the winner of my Day Spring mirror give away! (April 11) Check out her blog at journey bits.)

    • Yea! I’m so glad that you won the DaySpring mirror….and every time you look in it, it is my hope that you realize how beautiful you are in God’s eyes. I will be sending you the code to get the mirror at your email address. Blessings! Dawn

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