Magical Memories

Dusk in the Smokies

That November evening was clear and cool. Early darkness had settled in, as happens on the cusp of winter.  The park, nestled in the Smoky Mountains, was lit, seemingly just for us. Very few people were there that night. The trees twinkled with Christmas lights, music filled the air, the sweet taste of warm chocolate chip cookies and steaming cups of hot chocolate felt good to both the body and soul.

My aunt was visiting, and she, along with my mother and six year old son, made my evening complete. Every light, every sound was just for us….the beauty was ours to savor.

The previous year had been a struggle, learning how to live as a widow…my new role in life….but, that night…..was different.

That evening was a special celebration–a time to enjoy. That evening God granted me time to delight, to feel, to really see and just be in the moment. I still hold that special time close to my heart, over a decade later.

Memories are something I am thankful for.


This day I am thankful for:

* good memories that continue to make me smile

* hard memories that I learned something from

* the opportunity for second chances

* eggs for breakfast

* the opportunity to go to Finders Keepers one more time before the stored closed

* pets, I love my animals so much!

* old friendships renewed

* painting word pictures

* lunch out with my husband

* chores completed

* my head on a soft pillow

* new objects to decorate with

* warm sunshine

* things I look forward to

5 thoughts on “Magical Memories

  1. From your gifts list, it sounds like you are no longer a widow. I enjoyed your story, it took me to a moment of time, revealed His love for you in a special way. It’s all how we see, isn’t it?

  2. It’s so encouraging when God gives us those crystal clear moments that seem to exist almost apart from everything else…when everything is just….more….and we know we are in His presence.

    God is good in his timing and healing grace.

  3. I am drawn into your story and must read more! Thank you for taking back to a time when you felt God’s love. I must come back. Blessings!

  4. Blessings on you dear one. A good friend of mine lost her husband last year and man was it such a rough, long year. Thanks for sharing this sweet memory with us, I felt like I was there.

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