Because He Lives…

Corcovado jesus

The day was shrouded in darkness. People pressed in.

The stench of sin flowed through the crowd. “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

He did not run from them. Instead, He embraced them.

He loved what was unlovable.

He took their sin on Himself. He suffered for them…

and many did not even care.

They did not understand His sacrifice or the cross He was to bear.

Dying there, that day, covered in sin…God turned away.

Turned from His beloved Son because He could not look at Him.

God is loving…but, also just. The price had to be paid…atonement a must.

“Father forgive them! They know not what they do!”

Jesus suffered physically that day, in ways we may never know.

But, much worse, the emotional pain of being alone

and taking our guilt and shame.

He bore this burden to Calvary. We are the ones to blame.

That splintered, rugged cross made a bridge that day,between God and me.

It’s because of Christ and His sacrifice that I have been set free.

The story does not end there. It is not over.

Jesus did not stay in that borrowed grave,

He lives today…He lives to save!

Jesus, holy, perfect, and blameless…on that dark day, took MY sin, MY shame, MY guilt. He suffered both physical and emotional torment that day. For me. For you. He could have run. He could have called an army of angels to rescue Him. He could have killed the Roman soldiers with just a word from His mouth, but He did not. He bore the sin of humanity all the way to the cross. God, the Father, because He is both Holy and Just, required a perfect sacrifice. One who was (is) blameless. Jesus is that perfect and blameless one. He took my place, so that now when God looks at me….He sees, not my darkness of sin, but the reflection of His beloved Son.

As a believer, and follower of Jesus Christ, I celebrate this Easter Sunday. I celebrate, not because my Savior died, but because He lives!  I serve a risen Savior. The grave could not hold Him. Death could not conquer Him. “Because He lives…I can face tomorrow.”   Amen.

4 thoughts on “Because He Lives…

  1. Beautifully written, Dawn. To ponder what happened that day is profound. I wish I were as moved every day of the year by the truth of the Cross.

    • Cristal,
      Me, too! At tonight’s Good Friday service I was brought to tears. It is overwhelming to think that MY sin was what kept Jesus on that cross.
      Thank you, Jesus!

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