Bear With Me

English: Bear River flowing through Bear River...

At A Holy Experience, we are discussing fasting.

I thought about what I should write. I pondered. I mused.

I began to look through other things I had written. When I typed in “fasting”, this blog post came up.

Please bear with me, as I choose to share this post I wrote a while ago.

Maybe I felt led to re-post this, because someone today, needs to read it.

Living in His life giving grace…

One thought on “Bear With Me

  1. ::raising my hand:: I needed this! My heart has been changed but there is still a lot of changing that needs to be done! The anger you speak of…Amen…I’m there. It’s got a stronghold on me and I need the Lord to work on that part of my heart.
    Thank you so much for linking to my blog!

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