Do I Measure Up?

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We live in a world of “power” ties, and board meetings. Planners, and profit.

Long days, and for some, even longer nights. Not enough hours in the day.

Work outs, and walk outs. Winners and losers and everyone in between.

Children to raise, and lessons to learn and friends to visit and money to earn.

And every day can seem like the next and the wonder is dimmed in a world

that makes us question……

“Are we good enough?”

We look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder if we matter, if any of it matters?

The business man who knows he has to win the next client or he might lose his job.

The mother who is kneeling to clean up the third spill of the morning and wiping crumbs off counters,

and holds her child on her hip and wonders if she is even pretty anymore? Does anyone really see her?

The woman at the office, fingers flying over the keyboard. She has to get this report done, she has no choice.

She wonders what is the point of it all?

The teen who doesn’t know what his future holds. He sees the news on TV and wonders…

He might not even be able to find a job, or pay for a college education.

He feels helpless.

The retiree who questions where she fits in the world. As her body ages, she asks herself, “Can I still keep up?”


In this fallen world we often wonder, “Do I measure up?……

Forgetting about grace. God’s amazing, extraordinary, gift of grace.

For God did not send his Son (Jesus) into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.  John 3:17  NIV

He loved us before. When we didn’t care. When we were too busy. Or broken. When the nights were late, when we made mistakes.

When the morning sun brought nothing but another day of “the same old, same old”. When we were left out or left behind. When the boss

yelled, and when the divorce papers came. When the mirror showed an image that wasn’t real and tears fell.When the mountain was steep and

the climber was tired.

He loved us then…He loves us, still. He will continue to love us through whatever life brings our way.

Christ thought you were worth it. He loved you enough to redeem you. That is a difficult concept for many to get their mind around. It is much easier to think that salvation must be earned. That there is something that has to be done in order to be loved by God. That is the world talking, not God.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Romans 5:8  NIV


Thanking God, on this day,


* the miracle of grace

* the chance to start over

* new beginnings

* friendship

* the geese honking in the winter lake across the road

* the bouquet of flowers on the dining room table

* laughing with my husband, so hard that it’s difficult to stop

* teenagers who are smart and funny and loving

* the desire for something more

* for life’s journey with all of its twists and turns

* the blessing of not knowing what is around the bend (yes, this is a blessing!)

* weathering disappointment and growing character

* for getting back up again…and again

* an eye towards aesthetics

* not being able to count all my blessings…

One thought on “Do I Measure Up?

  1. This was a fabulous post to read from beginning to end. So much so, I may print it out and save it. I’ll certainly need a spiritual reminder as I know dark days are inevitable, those days when I wonder if I’m doing enough for the children…those days when I wonder if I’m good enough. Thank you for this!

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