In Real Life…

Two friends

Today, at Faith Barista we are talking about “real life” community…

Making friends, no matter what the age, can be a little scary.

We all want friends, but worry that no one will want us.

If someone really knew me. Would they still want the real me?

I have been fortunate over the years to have friends that have challenged me, and changed me…

supported me and sustained me.

But, in the beginning, it’s still scary.

Now, I’ve found a new community through the ladies at (in)Courage. No, I’ve never met them in person.

I’ve met them through their blogs…words from the heart…spoken through a keyboard.

I’d have some that would tell me that friendship can’t be real, if not face to face.

I’d say real is in the sharing and caring that comes from stories told. Walls broken down. Smiles that are felt.

It’s real.

The great thing about community is that the world doesn’t seem so big,

and I don’t feel so small.


I might never meet some of my friends face to face. Faces of all ages and colors.

That is okay.

We’ve already met heart to heart.