Trust Me

My mom bought me a gift for Christmas that suits me well.

It is a “flip” calendar with daily devotions by Sarah Young.

Today Sarah discussed learning a new habit.

Learning to say, “I trust you, Jesus.”  No matter what.

Those words lingered with me. I thought about them throughout the day.

I contemplated the meaning of “I trust you”.

I let it sink in.

I believe that Jesus loves me, more than I can humanly comprehend.

I believe that He has a plan for me.

I believe that He does not want to harm me, and only wants the best for me.

I believe that He wants a personal relationship with me.

Why should I not trust Him? Why not lay down the fear, the doubt, the uncertainty…

the things that clamor to make a wedge between the trust?

To trust Him…and to be thankful for all that He brings into my life,

that is a habit I need to have-

to truly live.

4 thoughts on “Trust Me

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