At The Beginning

my new (new to me) antique quilt! i lurve it.

I’m closing my eyes as I type…and I just listen….listen to the wind howling outside. Raw and cold. Isn’t it funny how the new year starts fresh with the possibilities  in the cold, raw, dark of winter?

It makes me think of life in general. Many times for me, the new doesn’t come until after the dark. The difficult gives ways to the glorious. The appreciation comes after the doing without.

I want to be able to tell you that I have learned those lessons. Yet, I still require reminders when I find myself back at the beginning, once again.


Choosing to be thankful in the here and now:

* for good health

* for my husband’s job

* for loving and being loved

* for family visits

* for good conversation

* for a place to call home

* for my mom, who is such an encouragement to me

* for my sister who I can joke around with

* for in-laws that love and accept me

* for setbacks that take me to my knees

* for my aunt’s pumpkin roll

* for glitter and glue

* for treasured traditions

* for warm blankets

* for God’s sovereignty even when I don’t understand

* for new socks

* for the helpfulness of my children

* for candle light

* for freshly sharpened pencils

* for home made chicken soup

* for laughter

* for my godly husband

* for laughing so hard I snort

* for warm showers

* for a nice shoulder massage

* for friendships

* for being able to write

* for all the new possibilities in 2012

*and for a God that says NOTHING is impossible with Him. (Luke 1:37)