100 Things About This Year And Other Stuff

I was reading back through some of my old posts. I came across this one and thought I’d spin off a new post, being that it is the last day of the year… That and I felt like

This is apparently the actual ball which will ...

ending the year on a humorous note.

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22  NIV

So, let’s laugh together…….

1. 2011 was a pretty good year over all.

2. I love living in the country.

3. I think the sky around here is gorgeous.

4. I take a lot of sky pictures.

5. Sky pictures are kind of my thing lately.

6. I’ve collected more antique books.

7. I am fascinated by old history books.

8. Old history books are a great example of how nothing ever stays the same.

9. I’m noticing that I have to dye my hair more frequently than I used to.

10. What is with that?

11. I don’t like gray hair.

12. I still think I am too young for gray hair.

13. I like my new shorter haircut.

14. I wish I looked like I did when I was 23.

15. When everything was where it is supposed to be.

16. Gravity is not my friend.

17. I got a new nail buffer this year. It is so cool.

18. My nails look beautiful.

19. I need a new bed pillow.

20. I want a memory foam pillow. Yes, I do.

21. I have a new Kindle Fire. I am already addicted.

22. I might require an intervention later this year over that.

23. I love to eat eggs for breakfast.

24. My husband and I think we need to get chickens to feed my addiction.

25. I would like fresh eggs.

26. Is it normal to start hearing one’s bones creak when one moves around?

27. Maybe I just shouldn’t listen.

28. I love blogging.

29. I read every comment my readers make.

30. Only one commenter has ever bugged me.

31. I love my family.

32. Even if they are weird.

33. And some days they really are.

34. Just sayin’.

35. Black granite shows fingerprints. A lot.

36. I clean black granite. A lot.

37. As well as stainless steel.  A lot.

38. I enjoy my kitchen.

39. The Amish are wonderful craftsmen.

40. I mention them because they built the kitchen cabinets.

41. I love the family pets.

42. Even when they steal the food bowl and cause some one to track it down somewhere in the yard.

43. Or the field behind the yard.

44. Where do we keep the nail gun?

45. Not that I’d ever nail the bowl to the deck.

46. It was just a thought.

47. I always lose at the ABC game on road trips.

48. I almost always can’t find “K”.

49. I like candles.

50. I would use candles all the time.

51. But, I can’t because I like electricity too much.

52. My son turned 16 in the Spring.

53. I’m now officially old.

54. He is driving a motor vehicle.

55. He is doing a great job.

56. That is more than I can say for my self at that age.

57. My son got Lonnie from the Humane Society this year.

58. Lonnie is a terrier mix extraordinaire.

59. I talk to Lonnie on a regular basis…and he talks back.

60. I love that dog.

61. I am politically conservative.

62. Yes, I watch Fox News.

63. And yes, I like it!

64. I would never run for political office.

65. This is because I wouldn’t want my past delved into.

66. I have to wonder what I was thinking when I was 21-23 years old?!

67. Obviously, not a lot of thinking was going on.

68. I have the ex-boyfriends to prove it.
69. Can I just skip the early 90’s?
70. I occasionally bring out my “Lou-rainne” voice.
71. I’m not schizophrenic.
72. She is my southern mama persona.
73. She says things like “why, that is ugly as home-made sin” and “what are you trying to do? Give your mama a heart attack?”
74. That is what I get for living in the south for over 20 years…that and I can make some killer cornbread and pinto beans.
75. This year I read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
76. I love this book. It is one of my favorites. I mean it.
77. I read the book twice and highlighted the really good parts.
78. I’m also rereading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.
79. My goal is to read all (or at least a lot) of his writings.
80. If I could have anyone over to dinner (past or present) it would be C.S. Lewis.
81. I love his writing…plus he would have a British accent which I also love. Just sayin’.
82. The weather in 2011 was wild.
83. It rained so much in the Spring I thought I saw Noah’s ark in one of the fields.
84. I actually have 20/20 vision.
85. That is thanks to Lasik‘s.
86. I’m glad I don’t live in a hurricane, tornado, earthquake zone.
87. I felt badly for those who did. I sometimes cry when watching the news.
88. I’m concerned for our nation’s future.
89. Washington is full of people who don’t have a clue about the “average Joe”.
90. I think one must lose brain cells if they work on the Hill. That is my political commentary.
91. Friendship is important.
92. No matter how old one gets.
93. Laughter feels always feels better…and looks better too. Unless it causes you to get the hiccups or your eyes start to water…then, not so much. Laugh anyway.
94. God is sovereign and He IS in control.There is peace in that.
95. I don’t always understand God…and that is okay. There is not a test, after all.
96. His grace is still amazing.
97. I am grateful Jesus loves me. I love Him back.
98. I have much to give thanks for in 2011.
99. I’m sure I will in 2012, also….because I choose it.
100. Life continues on in A.D. 2012…The Year Of Our Lord. Amen.