When I Am Thirsty

A Canadian Waterfall

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I just finished reading Ann Voskamp’s blog post for today.

She has left her home in Canada, this week, to meet with Christ…. in Ecuador.

I could not stop the tears that streamed down my cheeks as I read.

God is there,

and God is here…

and who am I not to see Him?

How many times do I go through my days, only to be too busy to meet with Christ?

How many times do I squeeze in my time with Him because I feel an obligation?

Instead of longing to come into the presence of  The Almighty, aware of this privilege, I barely bow my head  .

And my spirit withers,

parched and dry…

desperately needing to stand in the rain

of the Living Water.

37 On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. 38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”  John 7: 37-38  NIV

When I am thirsty,

I need to drink deeply from Him,

like a woman who has spent far too long in the desert.

Because it is when I am full in Christ,

that I am able to reach out to others…

because love always flows from a full heart.

7 thoughts on “When I Am Thirsty

  1. Excellent. And heartwarming. I long to long to thirst. Many Americans, in my opinion, are not thirsty enough because we’ve had so much of the world to drink. There’s a fountain on every corner, on every TV show, in every magazine, in every movie. Thank you for reminding me to realize how thirsty for Christ I want to be.

  2. “Because it is when I am full in Christ,

    that I am able to reach out to others…

    because love always flows from a full heart.”

    Psalm 1:3
    May we always be trees planted by His waters…

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  5. I am the woman in the desert and I dont know how to drink…I am thirsty. My husband doesn’t love me and he tells me daily that Im a failure, Im tired of being thirsty.I need gods rainforest and I dont know how to get there. The poem is beautiful but I dont know how to attain this…Help.

    • Kelly, I woke up this morning and your comment was the first thing I read. From the few words you wrote, I can feel your desperation for relationship with God.
      Psalm 139 came to my mind when thinking of you….Do you have access to a Bible? I want you to read that Psalm.God has not forgotten you, He sees you right where you are at. You have spoken of some hard and difficult things that you are dealing with…and my heart aches for you. No one is a failure to the Almighty. He knows your innermost thoughts, things you wouldn’t dare tell others….. His desire is for you to draw close to Him. He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that you are loved! I would love to talk with you some more if you would like……..

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