Why Are You Waiting?

AP CXR showing right lower lobe pneumonia.

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Today at Faith Barista we are working on the topic of:  All is grace.

As a healthy adult, I breathe about 12-15 times per minute. Most of the time I don’t think about my breathing. I take that function for granted because my lungs work well. I don’t require any special treatments, medication or ventilators.

Several years ago (actually for two winters in a row) I couldn’t breathe. My chest heaved. I coughed uncontrollably…until my ribcage hurt. I could think of nothing else, with each labored breath I struggled for air. I finally went to my doctor. He listened to me. He observed me. He shook his head. “Young lady, you have bronchitis and nearly have walking pneumonia. My question is this….. Why did you wait so long to see me?”

God is the Great Physician. He looked at me when I was just shy of my eleventh birthday…covered in my own sin, broken, and imperfect. He whispered to me, “Why are you waiting so long?”   It was a beautiful Spring day in 1979.  The day that I stopped waiting. The day that God showed me His grace.

It has taken years for me to appreciate that grace. If I’m honest, I probably still don’t fully appreciate it as I should. Why would God love me? Why would He want me? Why would He give me His unmerited favor? I’ll admit that my finite mind, has trouble understanding an infinite God.

But, I’m working on it.

My former pastor, gave this definition of grace….

“GRACE  is–God’s Riches At Christ Expense”

God chose me. I wasn’t deserving. Had nothing to offer Him. Didn’t even know I needed Him. He sent His Son to take my place, He who was perfect and blameless. He paid the price for me…… He made the way for me, even before I was looking.

When God looks at me now, He sees me through His Son.

Grace…it truly is amazing.