Home Is Where The Heart Is

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Take me home, Tuesday. That is what I started calling my Tuesday posts. All things home…..

I “met” a young woman, named Sara through the blog world. She was one of the writers at (in) Courage.

Sara is dying from a disease that robbed her of most things that we, the healthy, take for granted. She doesn’t have much time left here.

She is going home.

Home is where Sara’s heart is.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21  NIV

All of her posts, in the years that she was fighting debilitating disease, pointed others to Jesus.

She understood that she was in this world, but not made for this world.

She didn’t take anything that she had for granted. She realized it was all a gift.

As she grew weaker in her physical body, she grew stronger is spirit…

knowing that she would soon be going home.

A pilgrim on a journey.

A journey that leads straight to Jesus.


I am including a post that Sara wrote this past May, right around the time of her birthday.

It was Sara’s desire that all would know Him.

Won’t you allow her written words to resonate in your heart?




2 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is

  1. I’ve read her blog for ages. I can not think of a more inspiring woman! When I read last week that she was dying, I was already reeling from the death of the son of another blogger I ‘know’ (funny how we say that, isn’t it?) and I crumbled for a bit. (The very depressing blog post I wrote last week is about this, actually)

    However, her death is so very different than his. She, even while trapped at home, lived so fully. Am I right? I mean, she lived even more fully than I do! She inspires me so much and I will continue to read her archives long after she’s gone.

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