Moments That Live On

Child play

Image by i-on via Flickr

Sometimes, going home means saying goodbye.

My dear uncle died yesterday.

He will be so very missed.

The entire family, as you can imagine, is sad.

Sometimes words are not enough.

Hearts laid open.

Emotion bared for all to see.

Bleeding out memories of yesterdays…

A summer ago my family and I were visiting

My cousins and I watched as our own children rolled down the hill in my aunt’s back yard.

Racing. Laughing. Playing.

A flashback…

My cousins and me.

That same picture…except it was us rolling down that hill.

The 1970’s…and I remembered.

I glanced around at the faces.

My aunts and uncles taking in the same scene.

Fondly remembering their children, not as 30 and 40 somethings, but as young children.

Days when they, themselves, did not yet have gray hair, or illness.

There were more days, looking forward to the future…

Not looking back.


Life is hard, and on some days, it is nearly unbearable.

Time does not stop for any of us, but we can slow it down.

Savor the moments.

Enjoy the time.

Be present.

One day it will be me with the gray hair

and I will remember…

Filled with all the moments.

Moments that live on

In the hearts of the ones that matter the most.