Take Me Home To DIY Projects

A while back I blogged, asking my readers to help me figure out what to do with an old picture frame. You can read about it, here.  I finally got around to working on the frame. Here it is, so far.

The plan is to paint a piece of wood, that my husband has in the garage, with chalkboard paint. We (I told my husband I would appreciate his help with this part) will then attach it to the back of the frame. I will have a cool looking chalkboard/memo board when this is done. Old school function and aesthetics.

One old wooden picture frame sanded down. Two coats of robin’s egg blue spray paint. A coat of clear gloss sealer. A leftover piece of thin wood from the garage. A couple coats of chalkboard paint. Attach to back of frame. Add a piece of chalk (an entire box at Wmart is only 78 cents) and an eraser. Then add a cute inspirational message on the board. Perfect.

The other project I currently have under way is this.

I’m going to paint the jars today. I plan on using my jars as candle holders. Perfect for Fall……

Hopefully, by next Tuesday I will have both projects finished for you to see.

4 thoughts on “Take Me Home To DIY Projects

  1. Thanks for linking to my Picture Frames post! I’m working on some chalkboards, too! How are you attaching the thin wood to the back? With glue or nails or both? I haven’t decided how to do that yet.

  2. Dawn ~ Thanks for linking to Kent Kitchen Works. I love the painted jar project and using them with candles will be fabulous!! What kind of jars are you using? I can imagine doing the same thing with smaller jars & hanging them with wire in a cluster – instant outdoor chandelier! Can’t wait to see your finished projects 🙂

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