Because I’ve Got Vision…That’s Why

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I bought this fireplace cover years ago at a local flea market in Tennessee. I didn’t have a fireplace, but I did not let that stop me. Details. Details.  I enjoy metal work and this was interesting to me. I took it home and actually hung it on the wall, with some of my other architectural style salvage. I was going for a kind of industrial, eclectic, shabby chic decor. I am all about repurposing objects. My husband does not understand this at all. So…..I did not hang it up when we moved to our new house. My poor fireplace cover has been setting forlornly in the corner. All alone.

I think he needs to be repurposed (my fireplace cover, not my husband). I tend to call my flea market items “he” or “she”. I don’t know why. I’m just weird that way. (chunky metal objects, things with rough edges are definitely “he”, and pastel colors and vintage floral prints are unmistakeable “she”. Understand?)

I have been looking at the cover….and plotting……. I mean thinking. I’m considering painting it a lighter, brighter color. I could use it as a memo board or a place to tuck pictures. It would make a great headboard for a twin bed. (which I currently do not have) It is metal, so it has weight…but, is not terribly heavy. The two side pieces bend back, so it can set up independently….or it can lay flat.

Do any of my crafty readers have ideas?

2 thoughts on “Because I’ve Got Vision…That’s Why

  1. I love the headboard idea! But yeah, a bed would be nice. It would also be a nice backdrop for a little container garden. Stand it in a corner, in the house or in the yard, and fill the space with a variety of plants in an eclectic grouping of containers in various heights. Maybe use a crate to add some height, a concrete planter, ceramic and terracotta, brass, a copper tea kettle, tin watering can…
    If it will rust, a season outside will change the character of it. Rust-proof paint will protect it if you want to avoid that.
    Show us pictures when you decide what to do with him.

  2. I love the idea of repainting it and the bulletin board idea is really good too if you wanted to put cork behind it! Does it hold magnets? It could be a magnetic bulletin board! If it were me, I’d put a mirror behind it and use it as a wall hanging (though if you paint it a complimentary color you could just use it as a wall hanging regardless…no mirror needed) or suspend it from chains over a boring window and let the shadows make art on your floor.

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