Welcome To Mitford

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Welcome to Mitford, a small imaginary town in the mountains of North Carolina. You can attempt to look for it on a map, but you won’t find it. It was first established in the mind of Jan Karon, the author and creator of Mitford.

My aunt introduced me to this series years ago. From the moment I opened the first book I was captured in the story. I could “see” the characters, through the gifted writing of Ms. Karon. The small town was alive and real  to me for many, many books. I often tease and say if I could live in any imaginary town from books or movies, it would be Mitford. It is a small town….and well, it just felt like home.

In a world of hustle and bustle, chaotic schedules, and a never ending to do list, it was always nice to settle down in a comfy chair and escape into the lives of the Mitford town’s people.

If you are a voracious reader, like I am…..or even if you are an occasional reader……if you haven’t yet read the Mitford Series books, give them a try. You might find out that you like them. Maybe you’ll find yourself looking forward to the trip you take to the small town in the North Carolina mountains.

So, grab your mug of coffee, find your favorite chair and settle in. The people of Mitford are waiting.


Do you, my readers, have a favorite series that you would recommend? I would love to hear your choices. What makes you love those books?

A good author is worth his/her weight in gold.



3 thoughts on “Welcome To Mitford

  1. I have enjoyed the Mitford series for years. I love the relationship between Cynthia and Father Tim. They both care for each other so beautifully. I love that she is an artist and writer and he is a very organized and methodical person. They balance each other beautifully.

  2. Hi Dawn. I haven’t heard of the Mitford series or Jan Karon but shall check out our main library to see if they have any of the books there.
    My favorite series is Earth’s Children by Jean M Auel. I got hooked on The Clan of the Cave Bear and then voraciously read the next four books. Had a rest for a while but have just picked up the latest – The Land of the Painted Caves. Have a look at the books. You might enjoy them too. They certainly take one far away from the present day.

    • Dawn, I listened to this series on CD as I would travel or do housework. I really enjoyed each and every one! Once when we traveled to Virginia we listened the whole 10 hours there and back. My hubby and kids enjoyed the stories too.

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