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I am in the middle of reading a great book called, Vintage Vavoom. It is a book that instructs the reader how to take second hand finds and use them in unique ways. I love the creativity in this book. I’m attempting to get some inspiration from my reading today…I could also use your help.

I have a large, old, brown picture frame that I acquired some time ago….not really even sure how long I’ve had it. I’m wanting to repurpose it. I know that I will paint it. White? Robin’s egg, blue? Mint green? I could make it into a fabric covered memo board, or bulletin board. Or I could use chalkboard paint and use the frame around that…I could take a piece of mirror I have and put this new frame around it, for a country-look.

Any other suggestions? I’m opened to others creative ideas.

I also have years of my grandmother’s tea towel calendars. You know the ones I mean? They are fabric calendars that have different motifs and colors. I have some from the 1960’s up through 1990’s. Some are in better condition than others. I love the vintage look and feel of them. I’m thinking maybe some decorative pillows? Frame them as graphic wall art? I really don’t want to use them as tea towels any longer, as I am trying to preserve them.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Vintage Vavoom

  1. We have a rectangular wooden-framed mirror that was pretty ornate. Hot Joe painted it black. Awesome. We have an oval shaped mirror that belonged to my BFF’s grandmother. It’s gold and it’s cracked with age. Hot Joe plans to paint it silver crackle, similar to how it is only updated. Post pics of whatever you do Dawn!

    • My cousin also suggested the crackle paint. I think hubby and I will peruse Lowe’s tomorrow and I will look into the whole crackle paint thing.
      Hmmmm…..the possibilities!
      I will post pics when the job is complete:)

  2. I just recently purchased a few frames, How about hanging it up just as an empty frame?? Or put a large initial inside of the empty frame. How about a piece of muslin..stencil something…then frame it? Have Hobby Lobby make a canvas to fit and paint something abstract? How about mat a black and white photo..I think I have brain drain…lol. dianntha

  3. I’m loving your tea towels, girl…what’s your plan for those? You have HUGE walls~LOVE your home, so I’m thinking you could frame some of those and so a wall collection of them..Thinking about your dinning room~that frame?? What do you need? I generally repurpose stuff just based on ‘need’ LOL…and I have a ‘distressed’ framed mirror~but it’s truly old and about that size…it’s hanging in the bathroom right now instead of a built in one…I am not remembering~do you have a mirror over your ‘side board’ in the dinning room?? I don’t think that abstract art is going to go with your themes, but if you had some type of needle art or vintage art you could frame with that frame~I bought a piece at a garage sale last summer and just had it mounted and I repurposed a frame for it~What about an old quilted piece? You could frame some of one that’s seen better days, and use other of it for pillows and accents…also you might find a quilted panel that would be appropriate too…just some ideas…Soo you all heading to Lowes today?? FUN! ;-)) I’ll post up a pic of my needle art framed on my blog and come back with a link so if you wanna see ;-)) HAVE FUN! Happy 4th & beyond!

  4. Dawn, this has nothing to do with vintage stuff. I’m not inspired to write every day like you, and I always enjoy your posts and your writing style, no matter what your topic. This time I thought you might enjoy reading this latest post of mine.

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