Monday Night At Home


Take me home country roads…leads straight to my house on a Monday evening.


Hey Bertha, she’s taking pictures again. Just look up and smile.

Fine, Gertie. Doesn’t she know I don’t like my dinner interrupted?

She adores us…she calls us her little fluff balls. Isn’t she sweet?

We’re so adorable…we could take this trio on the road. Do either of you sing soprano?

Ace is trying out for the roll of big, bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. “Is that you Grandma? What big teeth you have!”

Salem followed me into the driveway. I was trying to get her to look at the camera.

Then I got this!  Okay, Salem a little to close and personal. Cats are scary this close up.

I should seriously make an 8×10 of this and frame it.

The farmer probably thought I was nuts, taking pictures of him working.

Home Sweet Home

One of my favorite spots…which is now sporting some new giraffe print pillows.

Who says one can’t live in the country AND be fashionable?