What Makes A Home?


It’s different for everyone


Depending on the people that live there.

Here is a peek at what home means to me

The cats have taken a liking to my library. I took some laundry baskets and made HIS and HERS beds. Nikki (the calico, HER) loves her bed. Joe (the black and white HIM) lays in front of his bed. Go figure.

This is my inspiration board I keep at my desk. Yes, I saved the big block Hershey’s bar, paper. I’m inspired by chocolate…what can I say? I love the house decorated for Christmas and the iced tea recipes on the right. I have eclectic interests:)

“D” is for Dawn. Also Daring. Delirious and Dorky. No comment.

I collect Boyd’s.  I love the nostalgia of teddy bears.

I also collect antique pictures…the bottom one is of cotton pickers from the early 1900’s. (no relation) The top picture is of my great grandmother. People never smiled back then. I have no idea where I get my “camera ham” genes.

This is a picture my son created when he was six, in first grade art class. I have always loved this picture. It is a water color of wild flowers. I framed it and hung it in my library. It makes me happy.

Yes, okay…I collect antique books too. I know I have a running theme of all things old. I really do think I have an old soul. I’m not kidding.

I have a quirky thing going on for architectural salvage as art. My husband totally does not get this about me. He thinks I’m weird…I’m not here to debate that fact. I hung this piece on the wall over the fireplace mantle. Maybe I should say, my husband hung it….I “helped” him by telling him to move it a little to the left, um….now down a little….no, up on the right corner….tilt it….. Okay. Put it there. Are you sure? Yes. I’m going to put a hole in the wall. Are you positive. Yes. Sure? No. Let’s start over.

These are fake. I love sunflowers. I can’t grow them. The wind at our house beats them all down. At least fake ones don’t die. They just get dusty.

Enamel bowl. Cute, huh? Perfect for snacks.

This is what my laundry room looks like most of the time. Seriously, do we need clean bath towels? Can’t we all just air dry?

This is the view from my front porch this morning. Our neighbor is working very hard to plant, since we’ve had a string of days without rain.


What things “make home” for you?