Peace Be Still


Image by solidether via Flickr

Scheduling. Errands. Cleaning. Chauffeuring. Teaching. Cooking. Consulting.

Being everything to everybody.

Listening. Answering questions. Shaping lives.

So much to do, so little time.

I’m stressed…and tired.

There are days, even whole weeks, when I long for quiet.

It’s how God made me.

Need for physical rest

Longing for spiritual renewal

Calm, in the stress filled.

Peace in the anxiety driven.

Rest in Him.


Sometimes He calms the storm…other times He calms His child. (Song by Scott Krippayne)


This week we are discussing physical rest over at The Faith Barista Jam. Click on the graphic on my right side bar if you want to learn more!





3 thoughts on “Peace Be Still

  1. Dawn!
    I love the title of the song you referenced — “Sometimes He calms the storms, othertimes He calms His child”. That is good to go.
    Yes, shaping lives is SO hard work — heart and soul and body work. Being a mommy so outpouring. I want that rest too! 🙂 Thanks for keeping the light on for me, Dawn.

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