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EucharisteoGreek.   yoo-khar-is-teh’-o. Verb. Definition: 1.To be grateful, to feel thankful. 2. Give thanks

In chapter two of One Thousand Gifts, Ann talks about eucharisteo. Eucharisteo is the key word. The meaning behind it, the challenge of this entire book.

To Give Thanks.

(pg. 30)”On this page Ann asks herself if she needs to see the world, visit the exquisite, before she faces eternity? Or isn’t it here? Can’t I find it here? (31) Isn’t it here? The wonder? Why do I spend so much of my living hours struggling to see it?”

This is so true for me. It is easy for me to skim over the very real miracles of today, not seeing them. Blinded by the busyness of life, thinking I need to do something more. Something big. Something significant. Before I am witness to the incredible.Could it really be something as simple as giving thanks? Being grateful for what I have? Even if it is a simple thing…The simple things become the big things, if they are appreciated. If I remember to offer thanks for them.

(pg. 37) “What precedes the miracle is thanksgiving, eucharisteo, and it is a Greek word with a hard meaning that is harder yet to live. Do I really want to take up this word?”

Should I really take up the challenge of gratitude? Will it change me? Will my eyes begin to see the ways that God is saying “yes” to me, on a daily basis? Certainly it is true that God acts in big ways, when He chooses. But, isn’t it just as true that God acts in small ways? The small things that touch us in the grind of the every day? Shouldn’t I be as appreciative for the beauty in the quiet stillness of freshly fallen snow, as I am for the healing of a loved one? Shouldn’t I thank Him for hugs from children that he has blessed me with? As much as I see him in the faces of the forgiven? Shouldn’t the smell of freshly laundered towels be as heady to me as the view from a mountain top?

Isn’t God big enough to have everything under control? But small enough to to have communion with me as I thank him for the warm chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven? Why does my eucharisteo have to be small? Or only for certain things? Can I not thank God for ALL he does? All the ways he blesses? Even when I don’t understand? Even when things don’t go “my way”. Can I not thank him for being in control–even when I’m so out of control? For being sovereign when I can’t even see a second into my own future?

And with that…the Father of Lies whispers in my ear. He spits out the word eucharisteo. A whisper of irritation. A scratch of ungratefulness. “You don’t need eucharisteo. It’s useless. God isn’t listening.” And I am taken back to the garden. In the beginning he convinced Adam and Eve that ungratefulness was normal. That it was okay. That what God gave them wasn’t good enough…and with that they sunk their teeth into that glorious fruit. The same fruit that turned bitter and rotten in their mouths. Communion with God was fractured, and the ungratefulness started to fester. It has been that way ever since.

And yet…

I want to take the challenge….the dare….to give thanks. To live eucharisteo. To see with my own eyes the difference it makes.


20 thoughts on “Eucharisteo

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  6. Hey, sorry to rain on your parade, but EUCHARISTEO is NOT a Greek word. The word is EUCHARISTO. I think eucharisteo must be Nebraskan dialect of Greek.

    A second problem with Voskamp’s little saying is that literally it is “the hard I thank”, not “hard thanksgiving”. It makes no sense.

      • When people rain on your parade, just open your umbrella..:) I just found out about this book on a fellow bloggers site. I’m only in chapter 3 (which I’ve re-read several but already it is impacting me. What she says resonates within my soul SO strongly….God Bless. I love your blog. You are a great writer.

  7. Congratulations for starting to read One Thousand Gifts. I have read it through 3 times. I also led a Bible study based on the book and using Ann’s vimeos. It was the best study I have ever taught. The women learned so much and have continue to count daily blessings and thank God through the hard times. And yes we can say thanks to God even in the hard times. Not thanking God “for the hard times” actually but thanking Him for being there at every time and in every situation.

    May you continue to be blessed in your reading. It takes awhile to soak up every word in every chapter. This book is certainly one of the best ways to learn how to get closer to God.

    Many blessings,

    I too have written about her book in my other blog because Ann’s words and Scripture have totally affected how I live here on this earth.
    Thanks for visiting A better Way and clicking the LIKE button.

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  9. You did it again. Now I have to go find some more socks. You just blew mine off. This is wonderful, despite what your language maven friend said to try and rain on your parade. Love it. I want to reblog this and the blog today about Murphy’s Law. Your posts are SO encouraging to me. Thanks again. Have a blessed day in Eucharisteo.

    • I know my Lord and God loves me – A few days after I had received my multiple myeloma cancer diagnosis I went out to get our newspaper. It was a cold November morning with frost everywhere. I looked down and saw a fall leaf edged (no al coated) in frost and the sun caught it just so and the edging sparkled like diamonds. I ran for my camera so I could share it later with my husband. When I came out and took the picture the sparkle was not nearly like it had been. I was in awe – I was the only who would see the amazing beauty of that leaf – God let me know that He cares about me and my battle with cancer. He is so awesome in His love.

      • Thank you for sharing this with me…I too,have had the experience of being the only one to witness some of God’s fragile gifts. Sometimes when we are forced to walk through dark valley’s in this life..that is when we truly see God in the moments. Each is a gift. May I pray for you, as you battle with this cancer?

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