Zip It!


Image by demandaj via Flickr

Packing a suitcase…. Some people are good at it. Some, not so much.

1. How many underwear do I need to take? Just enough? A few extras? Three pair, thirty, or three hundred? Just sayin’.

2. Packing in the winter months is always more difficult. After all, I like sweaters and sweaters take up more space. A lot more space then T-shirts and capris.

3. Then my husband made a comment about how full my suitcase looked and I explained I have sweaters and he laughed at me. Yes, laughed.

4. For a man I know to be very intelligent, you’d think he’d get it. Don’t mess with a woman and her suitcase.Duh.

5. What do I leave behind? My pants? My sweaters? My skivvies? Going to colder climates…I need my fluffy socks too!

6. Packing is such a dilemma. Do I take just my boots? Or do I take my cute shoes too?

7. I’ve whittled it down…to stuff I can shove in the suitcase.

8. And have the suitcase actually zip!

9. I prefer “flexible” luggage to the hard case. Um….expandable is good.

10. Don’t even get me started on how we’re going to get everything packed in the van.

Over the river and through the woods….

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