Gift Wrapping Envy

Christmas gifts.

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I have to wrap gifts today. At least START to wrap gifts today. At least TRY to wrap gifts today.

I love to buy gifts for people. I love to have “a theme” to my gift buying. Most of the time my family and friends enjoy my gifts. Really.That is because I put thought into what I’m giving people….and they know it.

It’s the wrapping that I’m not the best at….I don’t make perfect corners. The corners are almost always uneven. I probably use way too much tape. My seams are crooked. And I have been known to cut the gift wrap too short and have to “patch” the area that the gift wrap didn’t cover. Don’t judge me.

Hey, it’s the thought that counts, people! Not my (lack of) gift wrapping skill!

The weather is  yucky and cold. I may as well make good use of my time, being stuck inside. I think I will barricade myself in my bedroom with wrap, scissors, tape, bows, and tags. I won’t come out until the deed is done. AND if one person makes a crack about my wrapping resembling something a kindergartner would do, well let’s just say “Santa” might not be visiting them this year. To be honest, my kids wouldn’t say a word–they care nothing about the wrapping. Once given a gift, the wrap is only on the gift for .0002 seconds. In a flash it is a crumpled mass on the floor. In light of that, why should I worry about making neat corners?