Lovin’ Billy

Billy the Exterminator shows his support for f...

Image by kk+ via Flickr

My son has turned me on to Billy The Exterminator on A&E.

1.Billy is a rock star of infestation.

2. He sort of favors Bret Michaels.

3. My big question is this…how much does that cross he is wearing, weigh? All the family members wear crosses. Big ones.

4. He and his brother seem really nice. I wonder if they ever fight? Brothers that exterminate together…stay together?

5. Ants that attack baby alligators, destructive raccoons that raid for pet food, rats gone wild, roaches that are out of control…Billy takes care of it.

6. He makes it look easy. I personally would have the heebie jeebies. Then again, infestations are not my thing.

7. His mom, Donnie, cracks me up. She wants a neat office. I can relate. I bet she keeps them all in line. ‘Cause that is what moms do.

8. To be honest, he seems like a nice guy.

9. He gives great tidbits of knowledge such as, ” Did you know rats can crawl up the pipes from your sewer? ” Think about that.

10. He is currently at a farm where rats are eating the animal food. Found a snake skin. Where there are rats…there are probably snakes.

All these nasty critters and Billy makes the comment that he really can’t stand flies.

Flash Freeze

Hat & Mittens

Today’s high is supposed to be 22 degrees. Last night the wind chill temp. was at 0 to -8. That is a bit nippy. Unless one is used to living in Siberia…than maybe not so much. Still. Cold.

1. The snow looks pretty on the ground.

2. Snow doesn’t feel so pretty when it gets in one’s boots.

3. The wind is blowing.

4. Blowing hard.

5. There is no chance of having a hairstyle in this wind.

6. If I go anywhere I usually look like cousin It, by the time I get to where I’m going.

7. Cousin It was not known for his beauty.

8. I need to dig out my scarf collection.

9. Maybe I can start a new trend.

10. Wearing all the scarves I own AT ONCE.

11. I’m all about being toasty.

12. Maybe a little weird, but a warm weird.

13. I hear that this winter is to have extremely low temps.

14. So much to look forward too!

15. I actually like winter.

16. When I don’t have to be outside.

17. It’s all in one’s perspective.

18. Right?

19. Time for some hot coffee.

20. How come in the movies ,or on commercials, the girls always look so cute in their hats, scarves and mittens?

22. They never look windblown or disheveled.

23. Or have a red nose, or chapped hands.

24. So not fair.

25. Now where did I stash my scarves?