Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…

A dish of funeral potatoes

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1. It must really be cold outside because I felt the chill as soon as I got out from under the covers this morning.I thought about not getting up…but, I’m needed so I threw back the covers and braved the day. Brrrr….

2. My feet are cold.

3. I suppose I should put on my fuzzy slippers.

4. I’m made hashbrown casserole this morning for breakfast.

5. It’s now baking in the oven.

6. It smells really good..even though I had to cut onions and they made me cry. I look like I’ve been on a drinking binge.

7. The baking casserole is making me hungry.

8. The coffee is also smelling good this morning.

9. I’m still tired even though I just got up at 8.

10. Normally, I get up earlier…but, not today.

11. Snowy, wet weather makes a lot of mud. I said a lot. Did you hear me?

12. Mud that has found its way into my laundry room. A LOT of mud. Did you hear me again?

13. I guess they (whoever they are) call it a mudroom/laundry room for a reason.

14. I don’t like a dirty, cruddy floor.

15. Especially on my bare feet. My cold bare feet.

16. How come it is most people wake up with their hair sticking up all over?

17. I hate people that wake up with good hair. It’s a disgusting display of perfect.

18. I wish I was that disgusting person. Just sayin’.

19. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

20. That is hysterical. Really.

21. Sometimes I scare myself in the morning.

22. Not intentionally. It just happens.

23. I’ve got 20 minutes until “brunch” is done.

24. I should make good use of my time, and go get dressed.

25. That would be lazy of me to wear my pajamas all day um….yes, it would.