Snowing painted by Márton Zsoldos

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Mom sitting at the kitchen counter with her computer. She is decked out in her leggings and her “Baby It’s Cold Outside“/Snowman Pajamas. TV news is on in the background. She has a mug of coffee, as she stares out the kitchen window.  The snow is falling and blowing. The temperature is currently hovering around 30 degrees. The Christmas tree is lit and the candles are burning. The kids are quietly working on their school work. Husband is working in his office. All is well with the world.

Picturesque, right?

(Behind the scenes)

“Mom, I need my long johns to go outside to the barn!” “It’s cold.”

“I’m cold.” ” Am, I gonna be able to drive in this mess?” “So, cold!”

” I require hot chocolate on a day like this. Are you going to make some?”

“Mom, why are the clouds so gray when it’s snowing?”

“Mom, I love you.”

“Mom, are you in the Christmas spirit this morning?”

(Mom, is currently singing “Let It Snow” like she is on a Christmas TV special.)

I guess she needs to go get dressed…..After she takes some pictures of this year’s first snow.