Baby It’s Cold Outside…

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Okay, well maybe it is not cold today…right at this moment…but, I’ve looked at the weather forecast for the rest of the week. (I am a weather geek–that is what I do) It’s going to be cold. Like in the 30’s cold. Like very windy, cold. Like wearing thick sweaters and cozy socks cold. My kind of cold!(She says as she dances around the house in her turquoise socks and red sweater humming the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.)

I want to decorate for Christmas tonight. I sort of started yesterday…just a little bit. Tonight I want the full, decorating blow out. I love to decorate for Christmas. Really. Love. It.

There is only one problem. I have to go up to the attic and drag down boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. I will enlist my family to help in this little adventure. I am hoping that none of our rodent visitors found their way into our Christmas decor. I also hope the trapped birdie we had in the attic did not leave any “presents” on our holiday finery. It would ruin my mood….cause there is nothing like cleaning bird poop off the decorations that says, “Merry Christmas!”.

I would like to watch White Christmas or It’s A Wonderful Life while decorating. I might be forced to give in and watch a newer movie. We could watch The Christmas Story. That was made in the 80’s even though the movie itself was supposed to take place decades earlier. All my children were born in the 90’s, so they’d still think an 80’s movie is vintage.