Take It Off!


Love This Hair Style


I’m wanting to take it off. Just be done with it. Who needs it anyway? That’s right. I’m talking about my hair. I’m ready for a new look. Something different, daring, and fun. I’ve grown my hair out long enough. First of all my hair takes FOREVER to grow…and by the time I get it long enough, it starts to get dry and frizzy and I can’t stand it. So, I’m taking the plunge.

I’ve been a fan of Meg Ryan for years. Her medium length, choppy bobs are a favorite. The picture above is one of my absolute favorite of her hair styles. I’m thinking that I will try for this look. I realize that I will not look as cute as she does (I wish!) but, hey it could still work for me. The hair is still long enough to pull back if I feel like it, yet still looks cute if I wear it down straight. Yep. This is the one.

Now, that I’m T-tapping on a near daily basis, eating better, and making sure to take my multi-vitamins/supplements…I feel like I should put some “zip” back into my look. And for those of you out there, that doubt me, a woman in her early 40’s can still have “zip”. Get back with me in a few more months and I’ll prove it!

1. Getting a good hair cut, might not be life changing…but, it can feel like it!

2. Hair is a big deal.

3. That is why women are grumpy if they are having a bad hair day.

4. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.

5. A good stylist is worth every penny.

6. Even if a hair cut is not exactly what you wanted, or even down right bad, hair DOES grow back. Lesson learned.

7. A secret…I’ve cut my own hair before. Not often. But, I have done it.

8. I let my husband cut my hair before, too. He actually did a pretty good job.

9. I love being a blond.

10. Mousse and hair spray can be a girls best friend. As can barrettes and hair clips. Just sayin’.