Lovin’ Me Some Tractor Supply

Looking west at the Tractor Supply Company loc...

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I never used to go to Tractor Supply. Not ever. Had no real need to visit. That all changed when I “came back” to the country. My husband and I spend a lot of time at this place now. A lot. Who knew that a woman could have such a good time at this store? Here are some of my adventures of late:

1. They have lip balm at TS. It’s called Chicken Poop. Really. It’s not really made with Chicken Poop, but it’s a cool name, huh? I bought my mom some (as a gift bag decoration) for her birthday. She thought it sounded gross. Obviously, the woman has no taste. I TOLD her it really wasn’t chicken poop. I don’t know if she believed me. Shows how much she trusts her eldest daughter. Hmmppfff!

2. My hubby and I bought our daughter some really CUTE boots to muck the horse stall in. They are brown and orange with flowers on them. She is more used to “manly” boots. We told her she is a girl. She will wear the boots and look cute…as cute as any girl can, when her boots are covered in sawdust and horse poo. But anyway….

3. I check out their bulletin board while there. I like to look at what animals are for sale. Cows, horses, dogs, llamas, anyone?

4. We got more wood shavings for the horse stall. Who knew how much a horse can poop? Let me just say, A LOT. And cleaning up after a horse is not like changing a diaper. At least a baby is some what self contained. Just imagine how much an animal weighing several HUNDRED pounds can put out. Just sayin’.

5. I appear to be talking a lot about poop today. Go figure.

6. My husband is coveting a Carhartt coat. He said they are the warmest coats ever. That might make the short list for a Christmas present. Don’t tell him.

7. How fun is it to pick out gates? Deep blue? A Rusty red? Or the old standby, silver? (We went with blue, by the way)

8. Last night the girl at the cash register asked if we would like to buy a flashlight? They were on sale. So we did…only because they were super cute. (At least that was my opinion, my husband probably would not describe it that way.) The flashlight can fit in the palm of ones hand, and yet has a very powerful light. Good for night trips to the barn. Or checking on the dogs. Or just walking around the yard for no reason whatsoever…in the dark. Don’t ask. One never knows.

9. Sometimes my husband strays to the aisles full of nuts, bolts, screws. Boring stuff. I don’t really like those aisles very much. So, while he is looking at the bins of bits and pieces, I occupy myself by counting all the small pieces that have accidentally been dropped on the floor in that aisle. I count them. I think about the store employee that has to get down on their hands and knees and retrieve all those pieces. What a pain. He (or she) is probably cursing the nuts and bolts aisle. Who can blame him?

10. That aisle is near to where the chain is. The other day we needed a length of chain and I enjoyed watching the man put the chain in the machine that cuts it to the desired length. I have to admit that when near that machine I have a nearly uncontrollable urge to throw some other object in the machine to see if it can cut something besides chain. I end up not doing it. I don’t want to break the TS chain cutting machine. Besides it would probably cost a lot to replace and I’d feel badly about it. I’ll just keep my destructive tendencies to myself. For now.

So, as you can see, Tractor Supply is my new fun and fav store. Some people like Saks, Belks, Proffits, JcPenney, or Kohls.  Hey, all I’m saying is…..give Tractor Supply a chance. You just might be surprised.