An American Quarter Horse in winter.

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I’ve always appreciated horses. I check them out at the fair. Love watching a good rodeo. Went on the occasional trail ride growing up. Loved watching the cowboys in westerns…who doesn’t love Trigger? Scout? Silver?  How about Black Beauty? Sea Biscuit? Secretariat?  Who doesn’t know about Belmont? Preakness? The Kentucky Derby? Hello. It’s all about the horses.

When I married Scott I sort of got a more up close and personal experience with horses. My (adult) daughter, Jessica knows all about horses. She even went to school to get educated about horses. She’s my go to girl if I have any horse questions. Well, Breanna my youngest daughter, she has Jazz. Jazz has been boarded at 3 different places since Scott and I got married almost 5 years ago. We had Jazz transported all the way from Texas to Ohio. Then she stayed with a horse trainer, and finally with some friends before settling (FINALLY!) here at our house. We brought her home on Sunday afternoon. She seems happy as a clam. I’m looking at her through the window now, as I blog. She cuts quite a beautiful country scene as she grazes in the early morning light.

1. I really don’t know much about horses.

2. But I am willing to learn.

3. Horses have really furry ears.

4. I noticed that yesterday while talking to Jazz.

5. Jazz likes to be pet.

6. She watches me with her big brown eyes.

7. Breanna brushed her.

8. She started to close her eyes.

9. I think the horse thought it was a massage.

10. She was being pampered.

11. Horses have big teeth.

12. I noticed these while she was eating.

13. Note to self: Don’t get your hands near her food. A chomp from those teeth would probably hurt.

14. If Jazz is not in the mood for you…you get “the butt”.

15. I think that is sort of like a person giving someone “the hand”. Like, whatever.

16. Hmmppppfff.

17. Also, I’ve learned in a short amount of time that one should not stand near the back of a horse.

18. Jazz hasn’t kicked.

19. But she could if she felt like it.

20. Also, horse poo is not something one wants on them.

21. Just sayin’.

22. Jazz is part Quarter horse and part Welsh pony.

23. Pretty, pretty girl.

24. Having a horse(s) will be fun.

25. The llamas across the road stand at the fence and watch Jazz.

26. The new kid on the block.

27. Let’s stare at her.

28. I still love llamas.

29. If you think about it they are sort of like long necked, sheep horses. Kinda.

30. I do love living in the the country.