Feeling Beautiful

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It’s interesting that last week I read not one, but two blogs about female beauty. The blogs weren’t written by women. Both blogs were written by men, and they were both very thoughtful…and in my opinion very insightful. It got me to thinking….

1. What is true beauty?

2. Is it only the physical?

3. Or is that just what we are taught?

4. The truth is those women that are physically beautiful, don’t really have to work at it.

5. I remember a quote from a famous model.

6. She said something like, “Please don’t love me because I’m beautiful. My beauty isn’t something I earned, or am good at. I was born this way.”

7. She used her physical beauty for a living, to make money, but it isn’t the only thing she wanted to be remembered for. She understood that her physical beauty would one day fade, she wanted more than that.

8. I just thought that was interesting.

9. Women are beautiful…it’s just that many women don’t see it.

10. They have been trained to see only the flaws, not the beauty.

11. A beautiful smile that lights up her whole face…and is contagious to those around her.

12. A beautiful mind that questions and debates.

13.  Beautiful hands that reach out to help others… and arms that give hugs.

14. Laughter that is contagious.

15. Strong legs that can walk for miles.

16. Eyes that seem to look into the soul, or twinkle with mischief.

17. Witty banter.

18. Goofy grins.

19. Ponytails.

20 and Pixie cuts.

21. Short, Tall, or inbetween.

22. Mothers, sisters, daughters, friends.

23. There is a lot more to beauty than the latest styles or expensive “lotions and potions”…

24. And I think most men would agree.

25. True beauty can’t be bought.

26. A truly beautiful woman will have people drawn to her.

27. Not because of her hair color.

28. Or because she is ultra thin.

29. But because she emanates confidence and her own personal style.

30. Her beauty shines.

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