Who Let The Dogs Out???

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The dogs escaped…

1. Elvis has left the building

2. Or Ace and Junior have left the yard.

3. Stinkin’ dogs!

4. Evidently, their batteries have run out on their collars.

5. We have one of those invisible fences.

6. It works great…when it’s working.

7. Which is obviously not the case this morning.

8. Ace and Junior are romping around like convicts set free.

9. Ace was down on the road.

10. Barking at my neighbor’s llamas.

11. It was the herding instinct in him.

12. Him being a collie and all.

13. The llamas did not appreciate him.

14. Junior is old and has arthritis.

15. He couldn’t have gotten very far on his escape.

16. Not that he’d want to escape.

17. This is the same dog that licks the family kitten.

18. He is not a hardened canine.

19. After being yelled at, they are back near the deck where they belong.

20. Goober heads.